9 inch car monitor compatible with the Raspberry Pi 3

More than often you will find yourself using a HDMI screen or VGA monitor. This solution works best though at times you may find yourself carrying your Pi bundled with your hdmi cable or vga adapter everywhere hoping you might find a screen wherever you go, that ain’t how its supposed to be.

I happened to find a solution, Car monitors. A 9 inch monitor will work perfectly fine, just with some tweaking courtesy of BrainsChild.

The monitor is pocket friendly, retails at Ksh 6000/= only. The only con with sacrificing a big screen for the monitor is that the connection with the pi is through a RCA cable with a 4port 3.5mm jack. Technical much?

The resolution will not be as good as a 32inch Tv Screen…but it will get the job done.

Another good thing with using a 3.5mm jack to RCA cable is you can connect

your pi to a normal old fashion Tv with the av ports. Yes, Don’t let that 15 or 29inch Sony Wega Tv collect dust as you save up for a decent TV.

Psst! You can use the old analogue Tv for raspberry pi digital signage, a post for another day.

Powering the screen will use up 12v n  we all know the Pi uses 5v. Yes, it ain’t practical that’s where a step up boost converter comes in place.

The step up converter, if you remember your physics, you can boost the 5v of the Pi to 9v-12v without necessarily having to look for an external power source. See schematic below.


9 inch monitor RCA compatible. 4500/=

3.5mm to RCA cable 450/=

Step up DC to DC converter. 350/=


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